Georgia State University requires all students seeking a baccalaureate degree to complete a basic core curriculum of general education subjects. In Area A of the core curriculum, students are required to select a course in mathematics. A math placement test is required for all students who need or desire to enroll in a course higher than Math 1101.

If you only require Math 1101 for your major, the math placement test is not required. Math 1101 is a standalone course and is not a prerequisite for Math 1111 or higher. Students who want to meet prerequisites for Math 1113 should take Math 1111.

NOTE: If you intend to register for Math 1111, an SAT Math score of a 650 or an ACT score of a 29 will exempt you from the placement test only. Official SAT or ACT scores must be received by the Admissions Office for you to receive this exemption. This exemption does not apply to other math courses.  Please contact your academic advisor for any additional questions or concerns. 

For testing times, FAQs, or additional details visit the Counseling and Testing Center site.

It is recommended that the math placement test be taken before attending New Student Orientation. There is no fee to take the test the first time. To determine if a major requires the math placement test, see below.

The math placement test is required for these majors:

College of Arts & Sciences
Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science (B.I.S.)*, Geology, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology (Pre –Medicine concentration only), Art (Interior Design concentration only) *See your advisor for more information.

J. Mack Robinson College of Business
Accounting, Actuarial Science, Business Economics, Computer Information Systems, Finance, Hospitality Administration, Managerial Sciences, Marketing, Real Estate, Risk Management & Insurance
NOTE: The College of Business requires MATH 1111 or higher for all business majors. See your advisor for more information.

College of Education
Exercise Science, Health & Physical Education, Middle Childhood Education

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
Economics (B.S. only)

The math placement test is optional for these majors. However, students are encouraged to take the test to assess their math skills and register for an appropriate math course.

College of Arts & Sciences
African American Studies, Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, Art, Art Education, English, Film & Video, French, Geography, German, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Journalism, Music, Music Management, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology (B.A. only), Religious Studies, Sociology, Spanish, Speech, Women’s Studies

College of Education
Birth Through Five, Early Childhood Education

Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing & Health Professionals
Respiratory Therapy, Nursing, Nutrition

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
Criminal Justice, Economics (B.A. only), International Economics and Modern Languages, Public Policy, Social Work