Chem 1211K is the prerequisite for all upper-level chemistry and biology courses at Georgia State University. To register for Chem 1211K, you must take a required 45-minute diagnostic chemistry test administered by the Chemistry Department on campus at selected times (there is no fee for the test).

Who must take the test? All students, except those with a chemistry AP score of 2 or better, or an SAT subject score of 600 or better, or completion of a college-level chemistry course.

Transient students enrolled at other universities do not have to take the test. Transient students should call 404-413-5565 for authorization to register for Chem 1211K.

(Please call 404-413-5565 if you think you may be exempt from taking this test.)

How long? Approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour

When? Where? Please register for test here. Click here to view available test times.

What to bring? No. 2 pencils and a non-programmable calculator. (These will not be provided for you.)

How to register for Chem 1211K? All who pass the test will be cleared to register for Chem 1211K. Others will receive follow-up email.

Problems registering for the test? Please contact Bret Bender at 404-413-5565 or