Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple advisement centers on campus to meet the needs of our students. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors will visit the University Advisement Center to meet with an advisor. Seniors will visit the Office of Academic Assistance for their specific college.

Freshmen (0-29 earned credits):
University Advisement Center
25 Park Place, 14th floor  404 413-2299

Sophomores and Juniors (30-89 earned credits):
University Advisement Center
25 Park Place, 13th floor  404 413-2630

Seniors (90 earned credits or more):
Offices of Academic Assistance:

Arts and Sciences
General Classroom Building, 4th Floor, 404 413-5000

Robinson College of Business
35 Broad Street, Suite 315, 404 413-7115

College of Education
College of Education Building, Rm. 300, 404 413-8000

Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions
Urban Life Building, Rm. 811, 404 413-1000

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
14 Marietta Street, Suite G52, 404 413-0021

If you are a current student, stop by your assigned Academic Advisor's office to complete a form. You may consider making an appointment to discuss any entrance or prerequisite requirements before entering into a specific major. Not every major requires a concentration, and not every major allows for a minor.

Remember: If you are a new freshman, you must declare your major within one calendar year after your first semester of enrollment at Georgia State, or a hold will be placed on your registration.

If you are new student beginning classes in an upcoming semester and wish to change your major, you must wait until after the first week of classes to make the change with your Advisement Office. If you have extenuating circumstances and need to make a change immediately, please contact the Office of Admissions in Sparks Hall, Rm. 200, or call 404-413-2500 for assistance.

Freshmen, sophomores and juniors must meet with an Academic Advisor in the University Advisement Center; Seniors will meet with an advisor in their college's Office of Academic Assistance. Please review the Academic Improvement Program policies.
Only your Georgia State University grades are used to determine academic standing. You must earn a 2.0 Georgia State University GPA each semester to remain in good standing, and a cumulative 2.0 GPA to graduate. Some programs have GPA entrance requirements or GPA minimums to qualify to take specific courses. You can view your GPA in PAWS.

Check out our GPA Calculator.

First, check the course description to make sure you have met the prerequisite or appropriate test score. Then check the comment section to make sure the class does not have other restrictions. If you have met the prerequisites and are still receiving an error message, contact the department that teaches the course and let them know you are eligible to register for that course. If the course is closed, you can check with the department to find out about overflowing into the class. Call the Georgia State University Operator at 404-413-2000 for department phone numbers.
Please contact the Enrollment Services Center to determine the reason for your classes being dropped. Typically, students are dropped due to non-payment of tuition by deadline, failure to complete or accept all financial aid documents, or exclusion from the University. If you have been excluded, you may contact the University Advisement Center to discuss procedures for reinstatement. To avoid being dropped, make sure you check your student e-mail and PAWS account before the drop/add periods end.
New students admitted for fall and spring semesters should attend New Student Orientation (INCEPT) – please register here. New Transfer students must complete an online pre-orientation that can be accessed from the Transfer Advisement page in addition to registering for New Student Orientation. During New Student Orientation, students meet with Academic Advisors to plan their schedules and register for classes, socialize with current and new students and learn their way around campus. Orientation for international students is provided by International Student and Scholar Services.
You can log on to your PAWS account to view your transfer credits. Look under the “Student Records” menu and select “View Transfer Credit.” You will be able to see what transfer credit has been reviewed and articulated to Georgia State University credit. If you have any questions about your transfer credit, please consult with your appropriate Academic Advisement office. AP and/or IB credit should also show up in this section. You may also want to take a look at the transfer equivalency charts for your school.