Academic Resources

Supplemental Instruction

Need help in classes such as biology, chemistry, accounting or economics? Supplemental Instruction (SI) is here to help! SI is a voluntary and free academic assistance program that uses peer-led study groups to help students in traditionally difficult courses – those with low completion rates (D’s, F’s and W’s).

Why not join group study sessions with peers who have “aced” the class? SI leaders attend and participate in classes along with students, then design and lead study sessions based on the lecture. SI leaders explain scientific processes, mathematical equations and help students grasp challenging topics. Click here for more information on Supplement Instruction

 Student Success Workshops

The Office of Undergraduate Studies provides a series of workshops throughout the semester to help you succeed both in and out of the classroom. Past Work shop topics include My Mind Went Blank: Strategies for Memory and Concentration,  It’s Easy as A-B-C-D: Test Taking Strategies, Paper Trail: The Art of Taking Dynamic Lecture Notes, To Read or Not To Read: Skills to Effectively Read Textbooks, Time Flies When You Are On Facebook: Time Management & Goal Setting, Face-to-Face: How to Meet with Your Professors. Click here to learn more information about Student Success Workshops

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching Experience (ACE) is a voluntary program designed to offer academic support services to students on academic warning with less than 42 credit hours. Each student who volunteers to participate in the program is assigned an academic coach. The coach and student meet initially to assess the individual’s academic strengths, weaknesses and factors that impede academic progress. Click here to learn more information about Academic Coaching

Math Assistance Complex (MAC)

The Mathematics Assistance Complex (MAC) provides tutoring for Intermediate Algebra, Elementary Statistics, Mathematical Modeling, College Algebra, Precalculus, Survey of Calculus, Foundations of Numbers and Operations, Calculus I, II, and III, Discrete Mathematics, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Algebraic Concepts. Click here to learn more information about the Math Assistance Complex

Language Acquisition and Resource Center (LARC)

The Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) at Georgia State University has been specifically designed to provide a broad range of resources and support services to assist students in their language studies. Click here to learn more information about the Language Acquisition and Resource Center

The Writing Studio

The Writing Studio at Georgia State is a place where writers gather to talk about writing. Writing Studio conferences, both in our studio and online, are open to any student or alumni of Georgia State University. At the Writing Studio, we offer space for conversation, coffee and writers by creating a welcoming community where graduate and undergraduate students can practice the art of writing. Click here to learn more information about the Writing Studio