You Are Not Alone!

Changing and choosing your major? You are not alone!

Are you in the process of trying to figure out which major to declare? Or perhaps you are thinking of changing your major? Do you find yourself making any of the following statements?

“My parents think I should major in ______….”
“I must major in _________ to be a __________.”
“All my friends have a major so I need to choose a major now.”
“I want to major in something that will get me a job so I can make a lot of money.”

If so, you are not alone, even though it may seem like that at times. The truth is, declaring a major is a big decision in your life that can be overwhelming and frustrating. The University Advisement Center wants to provide you with the following important facts to let you know you are not alone in this decision-making process and we are here to help you every step along the way:

  • Did you know that the average Georgia State Student changes their major three times before graduating?
  • Nationally, 77% of all freshmen and sophomores are in the process of deciding on a major.
  • Choosing a major for the wrong reason can cause students to change their major late, which can lead to a delayed graduation.
  • 50% of college graduates pursue careers that are not related to their majors.