M.E. Program: Step By Step

Deciding on a Major can be a challenging and exciting task. The M.E. Program is available to help assist you in making that decision by introducing you to a step-by-step process to help you determine your major. Review the steps below and also visit our Resources page.

Step Five: Deciphering Outcomes

Step five takes what you have determined in steps 1-4 and begins to let you research your interested majors further by…

  • Taking courses from the areas of interest that would count towards the Core Curriculum you have not yet satisfied that area.
  • Conducting informational interviews with people who work or teach in the fields you are interested in.

Step Six: Involvement

Step Six is all about finalizing your decision and making a commitment to a specific major. Once you have decided on a major you will want to…

  • Get involved with clubs and activities (on and off campus) associated with your new major.
  • Join career related student organizations, volunteer within the community, and study abroad.