CLEP Tests

Georgia State University serves as a national test center for the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). All CLEP exams (with the exception of essays portions) are administered on the computer. Since policies regarding CLEP credits differ at various institutions, candidates should verify which tests are accepted by their institution. Scores are reported to the school(s) designated as the recipient in approximately 2-3 weeks (score reporting for exams that include an essay may take approximately 4-6 weeks).

CLEP exams offered through Georgia State University are listed below. If you are a Georgia State University student, review Georgia State University’s CLEP Policy for “Approved CLEP Exams” to determine which exams are approved for related courses (not all CLEP exams offered are approved for earning credit at Georgia State University).

Visit the Counseling Center’s website for a list of CLEP exams offered and for test dates and times.

Georgia State University awards credit for some College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) subject exams, but does not award credit for the General Exam. Tests should not be scheduled during the last semester before graduation because the limited time remaining may not be sufficient to allow for course validation and the awarding of credit. For credit to be granted, the examination score must be at least 50 or higher regardless of the ACE recommendation. Credit will be awarded for the following courses:

Exam = Georgia State Course Credit

American Literature (with essay) = Engl 2130
Analysis and Interpretation of Literature (with essay) = Engl 2140
Freshman College Composition (with essay) = Engl 1101
English Literature (with essay) = Engl 2120
College French-levels 1 & 2 = Fren 2001, 2002 (see below for additional information)
College German-levels 1 & 2 = Grmn 2001, 2002 (see below for additional information)
College Spanish-levels 1 & 2 = Span 2001, 2002 (see below for additional information)
American Government = PolS 1101
American History I = Early Colonization-1877 and
American History II 1865-present = Hist 2110
General Psychology = Psyc 1101
Introductory Macroeconomics = Econ 2105
Introductory Microeconomics = Econ 2106
Introductory Sociology = Soci 1101
Calculus = Math 2211
College Algebra = Math 1111
Precalculus = Math 1113
College Mathematics = Math 1001
General Biology = Biol 1103K
General Chemistry* = Chem 1099
*Elective Credit Only

Additional CLEP Information

  • The essay portion of all English exams is required in addition to the objective. Essay exams are reviewed by three readers, and the student must receive a grade of “Pass” from at least two readers.
  • If a student scores 50 or higher for American History I AND American History II, three semester hours will be granted for Hist 2110.
  • Foreign language credit awards are as follows:
    • Spanish scores of 50-53 earn 3 semester hours of credit for Span 2001; Spanish scores of 54 and higher earn a total of semester hours of credit for Span 2001 and 2002.
    • German scores of 50-62 earn 3 semester hours of credit for Grmn 2001; German scores of 63 and higher earn a total of semester hours of credit for Grmn 2001 and 2002.
    • French scores of 50-51 earn 3 semester hours of credit for Fren 2001; French scores of 52 and higher earn a total of 6 semester hours of credit for Fren 2001 and 2002.

Exams may be scheduled by contacting Georgia State University’s Testing Center.