Your Senior Year and Beyond


Make a Plan

Develop a course plan for your final year using the academic planning worksheet and review it with your OAA advisor.
[box type=product title=”Apply to Graduate” attachment_id=”8458″ href=”” target=”new”]Apply for graduation through PAWS by the deadline.[/box]
[box type=product title=”Review your Graduation Audit” attachment_id=”8456″ href=””]Review your graduation audit with your advisor and discussing any course substitutions and other petitions with your OAA advisor.[/box]
[box type=product title=”Complete an Internship” attachment_id=”8459″ href=”” target=”_blank”]Complete an internship related to your major (depending on your program).[/box]
[box type=product title=”Apply to Grad School” attachment_id=”8455″ href=”″ target=”_blank”]Gather information about potential graduate programs, take the required entrance exam, such as the GRE, LSAT, MCAT or GMAT, and apply to graduate school.[/box]
[box type=product title=”Visit Career Services” attachment_id=”8457″ href=”” target=”new”]Visit University Career Services, AYS Career Services or the RCB Career Management Center for assistance with your job search.[/box]

Contact Your Senior Advisor

Staff Directory

Langdale Hall, 38 Peachtree Center Ave. SE, Suite 418


Staff Directory

14 Marietta St. NW, Suite G-52


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College of Education Building, 30 Pryor Street, Suite 300


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Urban Life, 140 Decatur Street, Suite 811


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35 Broad Street, Suite 315


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Centennial Hall, 100 Auburn Avenue NE, Suite 200